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A strange tale.

Maybes from Mays

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake02 Aug 2013

Maybe it's her name...each syllable stopping my heartbeat to reset its cadence each time

Maybe it's the hyperbola that breathes through her smile...that masterpiece design

Maybe it's her tenderness...that which can melt fire

and soften diamonds

My word!

Maybe it's the passion in her eyes imprisoned by self control...battling its chains pleading to be let go by her

Maybe it's the fact she isn't mine or that she was happiest before the idea of him tripped her

Maybe it's the fight I put up in a war I can never win without her...that which makes her see me as ''The Sinner''

Never was such a lost cause...

Such a paradox

My cerebrum divided with me tied up in one and trapped in the other

The ships I captained to get away sent back to her shores by winds and seas bearing dreams of me as her lover

She understands not that I am in love

That this love burns me up

That she is lost at sea...last seen

By me...and alas! She left me with her mannequin...