So Long We Cool

11313226_1690161127871792_732844618_nby Chelsea Ntuli30 Jan 2016

Its cool with me if its cool with you.

This us thing is no ordinary romance.

That none of us quite understands.

But its cool with you and I guess its cool with me.

This profound relation

Has no definition.

Only its complication.

Makes this..
This that we have..
This that we're doing..
This that we feel..

A question.

But I'm cool with it so you cool with it.

I mean right?

Cuase who needs answers?

Those things are disasterous.

Who needs an answer?

We can have eachother.

But what if the answer

Doesn't brings us together.

Will you be cool with that cause I won't be cool with that.

Answering questions about what this is might ruin things.

This is just one of those things where the journey matters more than the destination.