A Soul In Need

11313226_1690161127871792_732844618_nby Chelsea Ntuli24 May 2016

I smile with these dark thoughts though.

I wear them where ever I go.

I walk all over places laughing while carrying a black heavy heart.

Keep carrying on like the world loves me I.

I got it secretly stashed beneath my soul.

Listen to my silence you will hear it speak volumes.

Search deep within you will find it.

Dark side has all my emotions am unable to feel.

But my exterior tells a different story I tell ya.

It tells a story you'd be delighted to hear.

A story safely coded in complex innuendos.

Safe guarded with my pretense happiness.

I keep smiling every day I keep smiling.

I will keep smiling till dark is light bright.

Keep smiling all the hurt away.

I will keep searching something to smile about.

Until it becomes real.

Pretend happiness til it becomes real.

I need this for my soul I need this for my soul I need this for soul..

My soul needs this it needs this happiness.

I have got to get this because this..

This dark side will be the death of me.

But it doesn't matter because I'm going to get this.