Show Me Black

11313226_1690161127871792_732844618_nby Chelsea Ntuli11 Jul 2016

I know you think you get to question my african identity
Just because my "slave" name is Chelsea
But don't worry yourself so much please
I know the whole indoctrination story

I swear my accent
Is by accident
I'm so sorry (not)

While I'm not ashamed
Of my "unafrican"name
I know how I came


I am too black so black
They say I can never go back
Too black so black
They even say that I don't crack

I am black so black
I can't be enslaved mentaly
I'm black so free yes me
Free and black consciously
Excessively and very beautifully
And maybe not yet institutionally
But that story ends about a revolutionary

I'm too black so black
My skin defeated the sun
They tried to do it with a gun
My only true retribution
Is to come hard wrapped in rebellion
Spat out from the resistance
Fight back with the spirit of an african

I am black and proudly black
I no longer have to apologize
Those days are gone I don't have to hide
My roots my fruits and all these goods are mine
And what they don't realise
Is that my pride serves as an uprise
Against the shame of my kind

I'm so black I'm black magic
Make no mistake I'm very real
Sometimes even a little dramatic
Maybe perhaps you know by chance only sometimes a little bit ratchet
But I don't think I regret it
Its one of the most fantastic aspect of being black

Next time you feel urge to show me how to be black
Remember not to