Every Day is the Same

Imageby Christina Strigas16 Jun 2014

When I went to buy a card
I prepared myself
like I always do.
When I remember how you showed your love
taught me to ride life
how you led me to the fountain
and said drink
in the many seasons we shared
you dressed me well
inside and out
you fed my brain
with Ancient Greek words
modern doubt
deep philosophy
when I showed you my book
in a dreaded silence
you stirred
but by that time thencancer had eaten up
most of the brain cells
immobile, mute
you carried on proud
I massaged you
read to you
shared with you my day
and I knew your blank stare
altered, the lines around your eyes
as I held your hand
and you squeezed it tight.

We tried to find natural solutions
to unnatural diseases.

When I cried over first loves
you said
There are other fish in the sea and your Greek accent was so cute I smiled.
You said I should have been a man
I was so tough
tough enough to inject the morphine
no one wanted that duty
but I would have done anything to stop your pain
drove to Sherbrooke street in running tears
and misplaced directions
to the only pharmacy in Montreal
to heal you.
Your sad eyes
finally reflecting no physical pain
as I kissed your forehead
and whispered Σ´αγαπώ.

When I find your poetry
I realize you still live on in me
when people stop me
and explain how your name
was revered in stadiums
way back when soccer players
were not celebrities on TV
but what legends are made of
I recount the stories to my kids.
I guess that is why you made me
stand in the pouring rain, under snow,
slush, and mud
to watch my brother’s football games
{we always talked then}
those memories open up the well
as I sit in front of your name
talking to marble
and knowing somewhere you are listening
as you always did.