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This Is a poem written In sheer frustration and with a feeling of helplessness to really change anything that our leaders decide for us

The Hollow Bells

Ae558e68106e2ea7b6b74b16bdaec4c4by Wayne A Clark27 Jul 2020

The hollow bells of progress
Rang out across a land
Scorched with fire & plague
By economy's demand
Animals neglected
Sadly disrespected
Millions now infected
By a few careless hands

The hollow bells of greed
Drowned out all common sense
The crown of nature's majesty
Burnt down at our expense
Forced to swallow
Told to follow
Now we wallow
In the shame
While our greedy leaders use us
In their fossil fuel game

The hollow bells of government
Announced a global plague
Our children's feet still covered
In black ashes where they played
And the only accolade
From the taxe$ we all paid
Should help our memory fade
Well for now anyway...

Wayne A Clark 2020