Pray for Paris

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 15 Nov 2015

On a clear November night
In Paris, France
People go to the theatre or a football sight
Some get dressed up to go out and dance

They are headed to a night full of wonder
But a car speeds through the city with a set goal
No time it seems to think of the destruction or even ponder
What price really is their soul?

Is this act for the good of god and their fate?
Or for evil people to cause panic and watch it grow?
Who tell their martyrs of the riches that await!
In a place that can only be promised but cannot show

It seems we live in a time that is full of war
A place where no man’s land is truly free
This is probably not much more than who came before
But we have to grow quite quickly to see

That our minds can be erased by certain things
MTV, Sky or gods and preachers
Replaced by whatever these people claim to bring
The truth that’s twisted and deluded enough by the teachers

To make people act a certain way
To make them believe that they are right
To make them bleed for what they say
To make them want to go out and fight

This time it wasn’t our government
This time it was theirs
But how many eyes will be lost and money spent
Before the scars can actually be repairs

This will only continue until people decide to look within
Realise we aren’t even different, you and I
We are the same and have to stand united before we can start to begin
To see a lasting change in our world so try

For every single boy and girl