People coming and going

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 01 Jan 2016

Standing near a train stop
Looking for the person I’m trying to spot
They could be anywhere within the crowd
While shouting, their name aloud

Looking silly to complete strangers
While people sing of a tiny manger
Joyfully embracing the cold air
As people give money and gladly stare

Entertainment to ease the wait
They all come home for a special date
A day that brings family together
Where snow is the only preferred weather

At last you meet their eyes
Embrace like it was a big surprise
People you miss are finally home
For a little while you’re not alone

A helping hand with luggage doesn’t go a miss
The car is a million miles from this
The mood still this doesn’t upset
The snow falls harder on their hat

They get to the car and begin to chat
About times they can’t forget
New stories are added and the journey feels small
While chatting about one and all

The family home comes into view
The father waits to welcome you
He as excited as the kids for Santa Claus
The family together as it was

No more skype or facetime to look after
Only physical hugs and joyous laughter
The smell of the turkey fills the place
The smell that takes up every space

We all love Christmas for different reasons
No families story is the same for different reasons.