Let it go

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 24 Sep 2016

I am not going to reply to your messages
I am done with you when you tried to hurt me
That was just another passage
That I made it through to the other side and clear to see

You made a decision
So did I
Your decision was to be deceitful and abuse the position
Mine was to let you go and say bye

You loved telling me of a child on the way
For this and other decisions I can’t forget
Your face while feeling you had hurt me was your true face that day
Thankfully I felt more remorse but I’m past that

We all make decisions we regret
But we will never be again
You are a nasty woman, nothing I didn’t expect
I don’t even need you as a friend

Drink won’t fill the hole
Moving on will be tough but two years is enough
You said you never look back or so I was told
Be grateful for what you have and see it’s not that tough

I lost all respect for you long ago
Your choices are out of your head
Choices and decisions were wrong too
Your heart is dead

Let it go
This is your poetic reply
Now raise your son to have more respect than you do