Realising my worth

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 05 Oct 2016

The last three months I have been on a path I didn’t understand
To find myself again
To make it back to where I was man
The hardest time of my life my friend

I let a girl go and then she let me go
I tried to twist myself to suit her for sure
But the start of my journey was her saying no
It was a release as it wasn’t my fault anymore

In March, I was the one that pushed her away
I thought it was the best thing to do for me
But quickly I realised my mistake and tried to keep her for days
I suffer from mental health you see?

I tried everything but tablets to control it myself
But in July I was at my lowest point a scary time
I knew I needed medical help
I started seeing a councillor and started the climb

The last three months I thought I would get her back
That no saved my life because now I’m seeing clearer
That she isn’t the last girl who will want me last time I check
It might sound bad but it’s more her loss I am surer

She will see in two or three months’ time what she done wrong
She will have as much regret as me that she didn’t come back
The door will always be open but only for so long
Then she will see what she could have won in fact.