Imageby Cornelious Slypig 08 Jan 2017

Forgetting is so easy for some
Others do not nowhere to run
Take me and my ex for one
She has me believing it’s easy and fun

To try to get another man
But she was on every app in the land
A numbers game on all those pages
She was bound to hit at some stages

She will remember more than she will let on
Trying to jump to the next one
She tells me she is seeing someone else
I have to accept that and focus on myself

I have no want to run to the next one
I am just right now having fun
Something she would not let me do
Being in a relationship she has not a clue

This new guy will come and go
Just the like the sun, rain and snow
I am the benchmark of which to compare
She is having the time of her life and I am not there

This has happened me once or twice
Girl leaving and not being nice
Then realising I was the prize
They come back to my ‘surprise’

She has shown the numbers game works in her patch
She should be proud she got a match
That a twenty something wants to meet
10 million people it’s hardly a feat

They say it's easier in a relationship, I agree
The problems are halved to some degree
But the strong walk on their own
Even if they do not know where it’s going

I still think highly of her
But I am going to for sure
Focus on myself and what I want to achieve
Than worry about someone who’s trying to deceive

Let her go and she will be back
Absence does in fact
Make the heart grow stronger
Especially when you realise the option is no longer

We have agreed to be friends
But we both know that’s not where the story ends