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This is a poem about working in factory's and forgetting to live for today

Factory space

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

As I walk out of this place
The breeze feels so good on my face
It's something I missed
I nearly forget it exists

When your trapped in a building
And treated like children
Away from the land of the willing
Just trying to make a living

You forget about feelings
Just like a machine
When you worry about other peoples dealings
When deadlines are all that matters

When time is against you
The boss is too
When your ahead
Don't believe all they said

Cause it can all change
Which can be strange
For them to act like a friend
Then change back again

You can forget in this building
That there is more to life
And sometimes you remember that feeling
And try to put it right

By spending time out in the breeze
And walking through the trees
To the reason it's all worth while
To walk around with a smile

Cause you may only be factory space
Monday to Friday anyway
But you are better than this place
And hopefully will see that one day

Some people spend all there lives in here
Never leaving, letting greed reappear
But they will never feel the breeze
Like I did today to them it's a reminder they don't wanna be free

Walking around with life draining
Only worrying about paper
Not understanding the true meaning
Of why they started saving for later

They will never be happy or free
Not like me
Not embracing the breeze
As a sign it's time to leave

Time to socialise for a hour or two
To forget about the space
To be in a happier place
Cause you can so easily replaced

And be a smudge on the factory space!