The dark lord

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

You think we live in fear
But we live in hope
That one day you will be no more
And won't be on your scope

You walk around like you owe the castle
But can't take it when you get hassle
When you are only a servant to the man
That sits in a foreign land

You should be a man of principles
Instead you act like a principle
Always demanding never giving
Always dictating never willing

You don't own me or my idea
You not big enough to fear
Your weaker than you appear
And I can see it clear

One day I'll have enough
And won't be put of till I'm done
I will act up and be tough
And kill you with my tongue

Cause I'll only take so much
Until I erupt
And then you will see fire
But maybe that's what u desire

Me to throw first stone
Then all like your unkown
That this is out of nothing
When it started from something

Just watch it dark lord
Or you will get what u deserve!