Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

Is there such a thing
And can they ever win
Especially with people's feelings
Are is it just while there heart is healing

Does it last
Or does convience make you stay
Cause you can't shake your past
And then you finally wake up one day

Finally realise when it's all to late
That the man you wanted was gonna wait
Was gonna hold on as long as he could
Before he thinks you never would

Never come back and forgive and forget
Never just take his apology and Accept
That we all make mistakes some big some small
But in the end we regret them all

Cause one moment can take it all
And set you up for a mighty fall
And see it all come crumbling down
All you worked hard for hit the ground

And smash to 1000 pieces
Just like your heart that you kept hidden
Cause sometimes you let it all out
And other times you do without

And repent and detest
What you have become after loving the best
After going again into the dark
Hoping that you will again find a spark

Something that will again ignite the heart
So you can again feel part
Part of life and of the living
Cause without love we are really just breathing

Machines that work for a time
And then go off and let others do the same!

Rebounds dont last
Cause you try to forget your past which is always there
And not always fair