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Not About any woman in general

Woman in the shadows

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

She came like a thief in the night,
Out of view and out of sight,
What was she looking for?,
The ultimate score?!

To capture my heart and keep it for sure,
To make me question everything I knew,
To make me drewl over her,
To let her listen to the drable I spew,

Cause I have no defence,
With her or anyone else,
And come across all tense,
Even though im confident of a advance,

That I could turn the tables,
And make her want me,
Cause she is ready for something stable,
And I am ready to go away and see,

That life is not in four walls,
Its much more than money,
If thats all she wants then she can have it all,
Its about laughing and being funny,

She may come out of the night,
Waiting to strike,
But if its not my heart,
Then she can have it and we will part,

Cause only your heart is stolen once and never returned,
Where a object can always be renewed,
And you will go through a stage of always getting burned,
But never learning to be shrewed,

Thats why this women in the shadows,
Could be the one to make me believe,
That your heart will mend,
And returned whole circle again!