Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

now i know its done,
but boy did we have fun,
but i cant help but look back,
but not only with regret,

with love, hurt and pain
with a smile, a cuckle again,
to think that i have weathered the storm,
and came out the otherside with less thorns!

with less sticks to beat myself with,
with less embarasement of what i did,
with more time to look at the good,
with more clarity than i unsderstood,

cause sometimes its meant to be,
sometimes your not meant to see,
that your only two boats in the night,
only passing throught out of sight

i now realise my heart is healed
that i can now feel,
that im ready to love again,
that im ready to be more than friends

cause whenever we lose
all we can do is choose
to get back on the horse or not
or lie in dirt and act like you forgot

when its over life doesnt stop
it just starts again at the top
and we learn as we live through the pain
so we wont fall for the same!