Running from my nightmares

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

tonight i nearly did it,
tonight i nearly ran,
into the car,
and end my lifespan,

i am a broken man,
with weight on my shoulders,
but i need you to understand,
i wish i was bolder,

i wish i could do it,
just end it all now,
i just put up with this sh*t,
but i know i have to somehow,

for the good of my family
for the good of my life
i have to act calmly
if i want myself a wife,

drink wont cure me
drugs i wont try,
maybe one day i'll see
whens the right time to say goodbye,

my love for life has ceased
and died with my heart
i really wish i could press repeat
but i have to be smart,

really need head drained,
really need it now
before i be on the road stained!

someday i'll be glad i didnt run
but not tonight i know for sure
i should be being picked up by someone
and carried to the kerb to assess and stare

i could be finished running from my nighmares!!!