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About my trouble to breath a few years ago


Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

I think I’m gonna die
Don’t ask me reason or why
My lungs feel old and dry
Breathing is getting tougher for sure,

Which tells me I’m near hells door
Ready to ring bell to let me in
Cause its easy to add up my sins
Let me take you back to where it all begins,

I wish I tried harder in life
But now I feel showered in strife
Chest feels like begin stabbed with knife
I only wish I could breathe without doubt,

That it could be my last air in and out
I led a easy life at the start
But not I feel effects in my heart,

Living without worry or stress
But should have enjoyed myself less
Should have worried about mass
But now its all part of my past,

Nothing I can do but stress
Was my yesteryears my best?
Will I have children to spoil
Or will I be under the soil?,

Becoming the maggots food
When I should have been good
In my old life and shroud!

Should have been more aware
About what I needed for sure
I should have passed the load
But instead eat to explode

Only thing I knowed!
Now I feel the pain of years gone by
And have no choice but to shy
Always been shy
About confronting where and why,

To live without restriction was unwise
I cannot be surprised!
Because I made the choices of mine
I cant point the finger and combine

Others to my greed
When my own voice was one I need!
But now I need to get fit
And give myself a chance I admit
Or my life wont mean a sh*t

To me when im unable to transmit
But I'm hopefully I will
Be able to see my kids fulfil
There future I wont see until

I get my own life in gear
And start enjoying it without beer
With salad and fruits
Or the only place ill get shoots

Is in my heart instead of my life
When I draw my last breath
Or the only thing certain is death!