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About a ex girlfriend I have felt and fell hard for her


Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

Why do I feel this pain?
When it was me who messed up in Spain,
I’ll never do that again,
Because the pain is too hard to contain,
But I want her back but cant complain,

That she has a new man now,
After only one week I don’t know how,
I thought our love was special,
But seemed she is made of metal,
That her heart is gone or black,
but I have to give it one more crack,

Need to realise she’s moved on,
And come to terms that shes gone,
That shes never coming back for a start,
To take away the pain in my heart,

That the trust she had is away,
So it’s the price I have to pay,
For the things I did and I say,
In the last months of us,

Now I feel like i have been hit by a bus,
But no point making a fuss,
It is either meant to be or not,
Its something I sort of forgot,

And now after a good chat,
I now know that,
She will be coming back,
All a matter of time I understand,
And hopefully come up with a plan,
To get back to being her man!