Imageby Cornelious Slypig 23 Dec 2013

How could I be so dumb
Thinking that I would have more fun
Until I realised what I had done
Especially after what I become

With your beautiful looks
And flowing blond hair
Our wedding I would love to book
I know now why I loved her

With a laugh that can fill any room
And a personality one of the best
And a love that's so strong I presume
That many a woman wish they possessed

She has it all
And a knowledge of life
Anyone in her company has a ball
And I really hope I can make her a wife

A mother to my children
A partner to lean on
And make a home out of a building
And give me a daughter or son

She is why I breath
And love so strong
And fills all my needs
Without it I don't wanna go on

She may have been born in another land
And speak many foreign tongues
By she is now from Ireland
And embraces all are slang and fun

She is a one off
A true survivor of life
And I can't let her go
Or will forever not know

How happy we were
And still are
Living our lives without any fear
And have a life we can share

She can teach me all she can
And I'll be a perfect student
Cause I wanna be her perfect man
And teach me things others wouldn't

She has to be mine
For this I have know doubt
And Forever this time
So I can't love without

Without a whole heart
Or a spark
Which I can't whine
As it will complete me for a lifetime!!!!