Imageby Cornelious Slypig 02 Feb 2014

She came from nowhere
Came into a bar from somewhere
And now she is my friend
And maybe we will meet again

Until then I have to refrain
From saying her name
Cause it gives me great pain
When I think of that wonderful fun in spain

Her smile lights up any room
And a personality I cant consume
She is all
And I am none

Cause she's in Falkirk and having fun
Now that her operation is done
And no man on her arm
She can go away and charm

Have fun in the USA
In one month I hear her say
She will have a ball like no other
Even with her evil brother

Her parents same pretty cool
And seem to like a place with a pool
Where all the family can hang
And celebrate holidays as a gang

She is a champion
Fighting through her pain
And now she will get her gain
A three week break in Florida

You deserve it
And don't hold back
Cause you are amazing
And I hope know one ever holds you back!