Rainy days in paradise

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 24 Feb 2014

Sometimes the sun don’t shine
Sometimes the sea isn’t calm
Other times she’s on your mind
And most of the times you have no plan

You have to make good of the sun
Cause who knows how long
After a while it is all gone
And then we stand alone

Cause when you are in that moment
It’s sometimes hard
To release your emotions and show it
And you can feel scared

But you have to enjoy the sun when it’s here
And enjoy the sea when it’s still
Cause after a time it will disappear
And have storms that nearly kill

These are tests
To see how we react
To see who’s relationship is the best
To see the true fact

That we have to remember the love we share
Cause a lot of the time it’s all nice
And this is why we have
Rainy days in paradise