Is the grass greener?

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 20 Jul 2014

As I lay on my bed
Thoughts running through my head
Is what I'm doing correct?
Is where I'm going right?

Is it worth losing everything
Will it be the world I'm dreaming
I'll know in two weeks
Is it all I seek

Is it worth leaving a special woman for?
Is it worth losing a job or more?
Sometimes we have to take risks
Sometimes we have to listen to your heart

Cause I always wanted to go to the green grass
And now I will and might end up on my ass
But this is my path
That I have chosen to follow

One that I'm nervous about
But can't wait to get out
Not gonna lie
But think it will ok

You have to scare yourself
Sometimes it's to help
Get your head clean
And then you can see where you have been

And where your going
And sometimes it's worth showing
She will be there if it's meant to be
Only have to wait and see

And jobs come and go
Just like me I suppose
The grass is always greener
But sometimes you can't just wonder

You have to go for it
And then find out