The Aftermath

Imageby Cornelious Slypig 29 Sep 2014

Feels so good to be back
But sometimes it feels bad
I have started to miss the craic
And begin to feel sad

Like have I made the right choice
Have I done the right thing?
I believe in the voice within
What will the next few months bring

At the start I felt down
But am starting to come around
To realise why I came home
And realise how much I have grown

Things that were muddled and messy
Are becoming clear
Things that were sent here to test me
Are starting to disappear

I have focus and drive
Once again on my side
And can look on last few months with pride
I have nothing to hide

No bridges were burnt
Or needing repair
I am now focused on what I want
And my feelings I feel I can share

I am back to show my worth
That begins with me first
That I believe in what I’m doing
And the plan that continues brewing

All will be as it should
I have no doubt
But I would hurry it along if I could
But then it maybe wouldn't all work out

Life is a test
And our mark we have to make
Not graded from worst to best
But graded with the choices that we take

We all make bad choices
But in the long run they are experiences
That bring us to where we are
Without them we wouldn't get far

Celebrate the good
And don’t let the bad effect your sleep
Cause there are people who definitely would
Swap your idea of bad for there’s