Imageby Cornelious Slypig 03 Oct 2014

An addiction no one sees
A place you don't wanna be
A room as dark as your soul
You play the staring role

A few types on your keyboard
For when your feeling bored
A different world opens up
And we drink it up

It's everywhere we go
In our laptops, tablets and phones
But love gets the real bashing
Cause human interaction has gone out of fashion

We're is all the passion?
When you are done in no time
Why look for a partner in crime
What while your in your prime?

When you can feed your addiction
Without a prescription
Without thinking your doing wrong
Cause only you know what's going on

Only you know the depths you went
That urges you can't forget
That no restraint to comprehend
And the circle goes round again

Save yourself
Before society
Try to find help
You'll know if you've lied to me

Our kids grow up with this in there face
They will feel no disgrace
And treat sex as a game
Until they need it again