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I was reading Ulysses by James Joyce and I read about a part when he's describing the bustling activity in Dublin's City Centre, he asks us why aren't women allow to publish articles in a newspaper if they have ink in front of them. It is very a obscure thing to talk about but it gave me inspiration for this poem "Writer's Window", a poem dedicated to women writers..

Writer's Window

Moiby Alan Bathe28 Nov 2013

It appeared to me that this desk,
had some emotional baggage,
overloading it's prowess, badly-drawn risk
in Dublin Airport, especially coloured - plane - page,
enjoying it's freedom of arrival
and tetanus-birth for the next pal
who wonders beside him; growing impatient.
I laugh at this kind of sentient
but I'm not here for Heaven-white-guards
that can fly, annoy humans in their wards,
the heads forced back in a holster
while pretty pixies give the aid of a monster,
no that would be ridiculous, mermaid
journeying to her rock to say hello
but I need to challenge her intellectual aid,
we go to her window - insightful - zero,
see not too hard or not too vague,
she drums the start: into action
comes this energy, glow, presence, Hague -
walled - presence - spirited - induced - Lion -
beauty, stop, your writing too fast
and I'm the one drumming on my canvas,
ignoring mistakes done by Literature's Last,
will you take my apology as
a gift? Emmm mmm only if you your kiss is precious!
The window becomes diamond
and her breath fire,
Phoenix - inspiring introduction: spacious
room to feel comfort and love, wire -
playful hair giving off electricity
better than any deity,
A kiss like cream
parted from it's bun, a dream so real,
she continues to write.