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I had the great pleasure to recently attend a shaman circle and during our time we participated in a writing exercise that resulted in the above personal story. The story was prompt writing based on the drawing of the tarot cards The Sun, The Star and The chariot and the opening sentence. My gratitude for the time and experience.

Once upon...

66ef0affdc44509422e7e6c643e189bbby C Rose08 Jul 2013

Once upon a time there was a woman who came to a shaman circle because the sun lit the way there and beamed through an open door. She accepted the invitation and entered. She sat in the heat of its spinning rays until she saw the imprint of the star burning into her eyes.

She learned the sun’s light is collected in her vessel and reflects in the night as she pours out her love. Now master of the light she entered the chariot. Guided by the wings of knowledge and the guardians of truth, she moved forward out of name and into the one.