We always remember

F0504217-a592-4757-b846-b1ebb8d5816bby Chandra S.11 Nov 2019

Dear Author:
I am posting your 'the-then' thoughts
on this web-blog, since I do not know
where, in time and in place are you lost.

If, someday,
you happen to stumble upon this web-page,
send me a message and I will quietly
remove this entry in exchange for a small fee:
The privileged readership of your soul-stirring poetry.



You and I,
wherever we are
are fated to love.

No matter
whose poems are being read,
You and I,
or something of us
springs up in each one
in some way or

Whatever doesn't ever
reach the lips
has reached the poems


Do you blink?
as if to disillusion me.

You talk of bright worlds ;
unknown to me.

My side of the discourse
is limited to sighs and tears
and blushes,
and wiping off
the spreading Kaajal *
with my baby's mouth-napkin.

But you aren't even married yet.

by the next time we meet,
I will have painted my lips again.

You remind me
of what I couldn't be.

© The Nightingale

* Kohl