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Thoughts on returning to London after having lived abroad.

Forever a tourist

Closeupby Charlie Davies20 Nov 2016

Months have passed and it feels like home again.
So much and so little has changed.
There are occasions when I still long for the past,
That relaxed place, where coffee is cheap
and the streets smell like oranges.
But for now, I, a Londoner, am exploring my city.
Eager eyes take in new, seasoned sights.

A fresh pathway I walk each morning
Capital ring, dazzling greens
The distant arch of football.
Leaves fall, dancing drunkenly
To rest on wet shivering grass.

Underground back and forth
Engineering (nothing) works
Eye (non-)contact sports
As we bury ourselves in our
screens and papers.
The scrum and scramble
as if the last train of our lives.

Familiar, foreign words flow into my ears
The rest bounce happily around me
A cacophony of alien tongues.
I have an urge, brimming
To connect;
to say and to ask total strangers anything.
Yet I almost never do.
The other day I spoke to 3 people.
The exhilaration of a bit of non-technological connectivity.
Wonderful and awful strangers.

London at night, monumental delights.
Through horseguards parade I wander,
A blue eye pokes out,
Chimney steam rises blurring out its lights.
As I round a corner
A grand face soars into my vision,
Obtrusive and imposing.
It chimes unmistakably,
Bounding along the Thames.
Goblin green lights
surrounding its summit.

Forever a tourist it makes me.