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This poem is dedicated to all of those adult children who are left to care for a parent , who failed them, in one way or the other.

Through the Curtains (haibun)

Free-wallpaper-5by Dallas Hembra28 Apr 2014

Through the curtains.

Years and heartaches ago, when his wife first hung them, the faded tattered drapes might have been a rich crimson. Hard to tell, after lost seasons of scorching sun reduced them to paltry shades of pale pink, bleeding down the exposed backing. Been drawn now for over five years. Ever since she died. The tiny sparrow perched on the cracked flaking window sill cocks his head, tries to steal a peek inside.

sorrow's sound
curls beneath a crack
silent vapors

The only sign of life is this week's stash of empty Bud cans splitting the seams of the cheap generic trash bags. Joe's son, Jerry, must have made another Dollar Store run. Looks like he even picked up the strays thrown into the neighbor's yard. What a great enabler, keeps dear old dad in beer, hot dogs, and canned beans. Most of the time he is in the front door and out the back. What's different today?

abused son
becomes dad's caretaker
call to duty

The screaming siren is drawing closer. I lift the corner of my I and peer out the window, just as it comes to a stop next door.