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Lost a small helpless feral kitten from a litter left on our patio. This the basis for a meditation on life's purpose and fairness


Imageby Damian Garside21 Jun 2014

The little, blind
black and white kitten
wandered off in the
got lost, slept
never woke up.

Perhaps he
dreamt of
life, joy, warmth
and, if
there is such a thing, cat

It did not take long for
the world to find him
some tiny scout with
a nose for death or
an ever better-
suited tool by
the way of
sharp proboscis. Nothing
will go to waste
all can share
moments like these where
Nature pretends to
have hard-wired all
its cadres with
a primal communism

as answer to all
our Neo-Nazi strong
in blood and fang
extreme survivalist
Darwinian self-doubts.

And I who
tried to
offset those stacked odds
cannot --first flush of
sentimentality truly over --
cannot say
I miss him or
ever got to know him, spitting
image of his driven, ruthless

our cat, my cat
who I
once saved, but
that is a very different story.