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An attempt to capture the city scene

A City's Dismal Day

Pz-avatarby Daniel Raftery02 Jun 2015

Pulling out blades of grass, between the cracks
In the pavement, covered in glass
Smelling the smokestacks burn, and the leaking of gas
Roadside tar, shattered, fragments of jagged black

I tell myself one day this'll all make sense
Everyone else wonders why they stay
Money always matters, bills to be paid
I see the cars leaving, my fingers and nose pushing through the rusty fence

I remember I cried as a child
When the playground was torn down
Yellow slides, dirty jeans, chips of brown
In memory's day, the shadows fall on the aging sundial

I wish I knew it completely
Why the sound of chains echoes through my head
If someone could take my body in my stead
There are holes in apartment walls, shedding plaster, they are grieving

I tell you when we talk in the shadows of the night
That everything is in it's right place
Now no longer can I lie to your face
But can I change my words? I might...I just might

We sing by the train tracks
Drink until we're completely numb
Laugh and cry until we're dumb
Yet still, we see the cracks

We are the mattresses we see by the train tracks
We are the baby carriages we see by the train tracks
We are stuff dreams wake up from
We are the needles and scars found in some drained arm
We fight, yet we know not why
We love, that's still a surprise

We don't swim under sunsets
We drown in potholes and puddles
To hide from the smog
Regardless, we sink in the mire
Of yesterday's unfulfilled promises