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A poem about love. Having that feeling when you see that special someone.

That Feeling

Pz-avatarby Evidanio Quinones III10 Jul 2013

Every time we meet feels like the first time
Light at my feet, chills down my spine
The sparkle in your eyes
I think I've been hypnotized
A smile that can be seen for miles and miles
No matter the distance, even longer than the Nile
The flow of that smooth silky hair
Every strand handled with gentle care
Studying the shape of that body
Thinking ohhh what a hottie
I stare and I wonder
How life with you would be
An empty space that only you can see
My prayer to be answered
First your trust to be mastered
Just one slight problem
That stops this couple to become
You're not ready and I understand
But everyday I wish to be your man