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A message about discrimination against all people of all kinds.

Child of God

Pz-avatarby Evidanio Quinones III10 Jul 2013

Look at me I am black
Doesn't necessarily mean I pack
Look at me I am brown
I don't deserve to be treated like dirt on the ground
Look at me I am white
No cloak covers my sight
Look at me I am yellow
What keeps you from saying hello
Look at me I am red
You choose not to listen to the words that I've said
Look at me I am gay
Some try to keep me from seeing another day
Look at me I am old
I have a lot of stories to be told
Look at me I am tall
All the eyes on me as I walk the hall
Look at me I am short
That doesn't stop me from stepping on the court
Look at me I am skinny
Yet I eat plenty
Look at me I am over weight
You look disgusted to have me as a mate
Look at me, what am I
Why am I asking you, you are not the man in the sky
Who are we as a people
A question who's answer needs to get through
You, her, him, and I
We're all children of the sky
Whether we notice it or not we all reach for where we came from
So why fight and judge, there will be nothing but shame to come
My father lord in heaven has a journey for me and you
We are not destined to fail, but now a days that's seems everything but true
All I do is pray and hope for the best
As it would be nice to come together as one and finish the rest