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There is nothing worse then a broken heart. Sometimes those who deceive us are so good at it that they're like magicians


Pz-avatarby Beyond Words30 Jan 2014

The brilliant magician
You almost had me
Waving that wand seductively from side to side
With such effortless finesse
Always in tantalizing dress
So dangerously hypnotic
Magnetized by the way it pulled me in
Of majestic intention
Oh how you flowed with such elegant deception
But you were always the consummate performer
And I your willing supporter
A connection of natural selection
With our future so well in order

The brilliant magician
You almost had me
A master of your craft
We laughed
Baffling how one could feign a pledge of endless love
Knowing the pain it leaves in its aftermath
A Broadway show seemingly finished before it started
An act only to be attempted by the best of the black hearted

The brilliant magician
You almost had me
So many adoring fans
And they admired you more with every trick you turned
But the way that one fan sang your praises
He said you were the greatest magician he’d ever known
And for that he would have gladly parted with his wages
Unknowing of my own investment
He boasted
And there I stood
As he promised me you were that good
I guess your act never ceases to amaze, it’s
What made you such a wizard
I’ve never been so injured in all my days

The brilliant magician
You almost had me
The way you shined on the biggest stages
And for your final performance
In what would be your greatest achievement
Waving that wand for a final time
It was a disappearing act for the ages

Copyright © 2013 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved