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Probably wearing a duffel coat

The bike shed boy

Imageby Dave Pitt17 Nov 2013

Donkeys donkeys donkeys years
Have passed since I first kissed you
At primary school hid from view
I was nine and you were cute.
Still now I see my first loves smile
Through windy muddy days
With innocent ways
We hugged then awhile
So my memory says.

Yours was the first attention
I wished for in my life
So living the dream
Not wanting to scream
I showed the penknife
To cut our thumbs clean.
I still carry a scar of red
You can see it when I'm cold
Burns bright when I'm misled
Like that time when I was bold
And you said no and only I bled
Maybe girls don't do as they are told

Any motto to this stories end
Is lost now in memories of shame
I was really cut up about you little friend
If only I could remember your name.