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once more but just the last?

Again in you forever

Reuni_nby Ricardo Pérez-Salamero García (ddaluz)23 Dec 2013

healing strength comes to you
any time you blow illusions away,
any time your heart calls him/her
from fear to joy
"Don't die again", it softly whispers
as birds around sing, sunlight embraces or moonshine,
when you accept yourself as his/her brother,
something greater or beyond
your own perception of yourself,
the jail you faithfully and innocent child learnt
to build up as they taught you from fear,
a reflect of yours
Healing strength has come once and again to you
through ages, through enlightened men and women,
through plants and animals, through seas and mountains
till one of those masters said it was the last time
and conciously let his body be killed
to take death away
and be born within you forever
Just faithfully, innocent energy, pulls down
that jail from that same healing energy
once called Jesus:
"Don't die again", it whispers,
"I'm born again in you"
"Thanks, lad", my heart back whispered