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This is about the book thief a part where the main character looks at a fire and realized that she hated Hitler more than he hated jews.

The Fire

Watermelonsby DDeal21 Feb 2017

As I look into the fire I see his face staring at me
Saying that I am like the jews hiding from his greatness
Hiding from the man who praises hatred toward Jews
And who praised the burning of literature made by Jews

As I think about what he is saying
I think about all the innocent people who have been hurt by him
The families are torn apart at the seams
For their most of them will never live a life like me
A life where I am free but still hate the man who tortures the people that don’t deserve it

I looked into that fire and released
As I looked into the fire of pages and covers of books I realised something
I hate Hitler more than he hates Jews