Valium Sunset

9949037b676f84f0e13774888cbcd136by Dee Sunshine29 Oct 2019

Rainbows & spindrift. The clouds roll in.
Headshroud. I roll another decadent cigarette
And head for the doorstep of wheeling whirling
chaffinches. Press siren bells into my skull.
I try to teach them to sing. Tame & tune.
Touch the big noise of hallucination. Sweating
in the sterile sitting room. Blue-grey carpet.
Brown sofa & chairs. Headpulse. Taste of
stodge on the tongue. The lover driftdreams
in glossy magazine. I take scissors and mutilate
obscure truths, torn and cut, from the wildest,
crudest, most alluring lies. The lipstick
blowjob. Power make up. Powder, pigment &
whalefat. Paint cuntlip licks over my eyes and
am sublimely blind. Crawling over cesspits
in the flickering television light. Dead soul.
Crater eyed lust. Sweet bird of death. Rainbow
knotted round my throat. Listlessly lying
on the rim of the black lipped pit. Abraxas
wants me to fly, but won’t lend me his wings.