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The disappointment of being born into this hideous world once again


9949037b676f84f0e13774888cbcd136by Dee Sunshine29 Oct 2019

In the dark crimson cellar I crawl.
A fistful of miseries. Knees crammed into
jawbone. Simulation of stillbirth rage.
Not gently into that good night. Old man
of harrowed bone & grinding incisors.

These splintered teeth. The soft fat torn
from foetid meat. Cold granite chewed to pulp.

Oh! I hear no skylark sing. In death, I need
no nourishment. No joyous spring. No fountain.
No snow-capped, clear-aired mountain.
I am what I eat: rotten meat.

Behind this ragged cuntflap I wait, a pale saint,
for judgement.

Incarnate. In babywet flesh, new pink hope &
forgetting. A recycle of milky tit, girning &
bedwetting. A bloodletting. My mammary mammy
screams out: it’s coming, it’s coming. I kick
out & bite my tiny fists. Raging out of that
dark good night. Drunk on the somnolent river
of no returning. Pushed. Secreted. A thunder
storm of scalding hot, damp, loving muscle.

Oh! My watery expended mother cries: a boy.
No joy. I peer in tear-smeared terror at the
too bright, too white world. Blur of monstrous
purple faces. Tinnitus scouring of ears.
I roar. Not going gently to that good light.
Unintelligible: in fear, loathing & smacked
arse pain. My first breath: oh fuck, not again!