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The sweet dreams and security of conformity and consumerism...

Night Follows Day

9949037b676f84f0e13774888cbcd136by Dee Sunshine29 Oct 2019

Isn’t it good to know that everything follows the pattern?
That we are snug and secure in our little nest egg:
That we’ve got computers and duties and securities;
And insurance policies too.

Isn’t it good that we’ve got this far?

Isn’t it good that night follows day and day follows night?

And haven’t we got far? We’ve got names for the atoms
And names for the stars.

Isn’t it good we’ve dispensed with superstition
For the sweet vision of rationality: the ice cream dream
Of consumption? I mean, every man must have a house.
Every man must have a car.

Night follows day without a nightmare it seems.

Yes, we’ve got drugs that rub out the bad dreams.
Everything is, just as it seems:
Everybody is happy nowadays.