9949037b676f84f0e13774888cbcd136by Dee Sunshine29 Oct 2019

In the dripping heart, a dull descant beats:
the ways of ends and means, cross-hatched,
concrete, latticed, strapped and lashed,
the fish hook in arterial flesh, wrenched,
thrust, the stretched gut, taut, held fast,
quivering a five tone drone, a blue chord,
a negroid ache
under the rock’s weight, the chain gang
flange, tight tied,
a cruciform guttered scream:
this is the way of ends and means,
this here night that undermines day.

In the dripping heart, an arc of dark fire,
the penumbra encircling the sun, my dreams
black stallions stampeding,
trampling down this human flesh,
thundering blood over emerald grass:
their fearsome masculine fury,
trumpeting Jericho, issuing out
seven plagues, the seven vengeances
of a jealous God;
each an Angel, a history,
a hysterectomy;
and I am aborted,
dissolved in entropy,
the dark juice of the dark mother -
she tears the hymen from my eyes.
Durga, Kali Ma, Candy:
in the beginning
you will be the end of me.

In delirium tremens and sinking,
a precognition of my fate:
and still I wait
and still I wait,
the tight fist of viscera
the hand that hammers
blunted nails
(a heart, after all,
is only worth its palpitations)
and still I wait;
supine, submissive,
stomach clenched
arms outstretched.

See the leeched labia
indenting these palms, Candy?
They are waiting
only for your giving.
And this mouth?
It is parched and bleeding,
ever ready to receive
the spat out fragments
of your dark seed.