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Sexual obsession...

A Diet Of Worms

9949037b676f84f0e13774888cbcd136by Dee Sunshine29 Oct 2019

Twists pretty face fine featured,
walks on fragrant heels,
bubbles wine & laughter
all over the place;
and coy depreciating smiles
to all the boys...
I strangle her in my sleep;
heavy dreams & wired perception,
in heat,
helter skeltered
thru’ the bedclothes
and touched her ivory hands
and (and she wasn’t there, never there)
cried out
for the warm breath of light,
light in the dark,
mother mother,
and wished sweet sleep to overcome,
to dowse with clear water
the flame that fires this frenzy
and twists the knot untwisted
from the brow
of head
of dead dead
of red raw screaming,
thrashing in the naked sweat,
arms and limbs and sex,
for the touch of a cold clean hand,
mother mother,
pulling back the blankets,
squirming in the wet raw
sticky stuff.

* *

Enough, enough!
I smash silver fingers
for mirrors of light,
scrape cinder night
from the pit:
admit defeat.
Let me sleep!
Let me sleep!
Let me sleep!

* *

Joe silver talks rhyme
& nonsense, whisky
& deliverance.
He wakes in the city
with crap on his hands
and stares in the mirror.
Oh mother!
I drive thru’ the forest,
thru’ shadows of
blackness of night,
for a fuck in penitence,
in a black hearth,
in a black soul.

* *

Whisky & wine smelling
mother lover,
she would take me
to her jasmine bed
and smother me
with her milky limbs.

* *

Alone, unresolved, fevered,
I burst in symphony,
black & white,
crawling thru’ the bushes
with no name,
with the starling’s cry
in the snake awakening asphalt
cracked & sunken city.