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Dedicated to the scribes of souls


Img_20131029_152620by Nicole DeHaven Vessells12 Dec 2013

I too have met a lot of poets in my lifetime
Some divine others sublime and then there are those who whine about "who got next"?
Waiting on big checks that may never come instead of insuring they stay on balance..
Talented profound thinkers of the world ..writing scribes of how it is presented on silver platters that tarnish easy
A poets mind goes behind the stage and allows their verses to be front and center
I recall nights in between washing Barbie's old doo and completing math homework for school
Playing around with some words in my punky Brewster diary
Never imagining how the word would be so inspiring to me
Most nights rocking me into a deep slumber like a healthy dose of Good night moon
The gifted expressionist
I write my hearts beat
For you the readers .your spirits I aim to please
I have studied the greatest and old fashioned to the new and high fashion
From Khalil, to Maya and Langston
I thank them for paving ways widening doorways for the likes of Lauryn and Common ..hell
His rhymes always made sense
To Jill Miss Scott
And Natasha Stewart .. and then there is Haven .. the etherial bird whose verses are high pitched..Who knew
Words would be the life line
Of my existence
The quiet times
Those fire times
The writers block enforced by my own resistance
The meeting of the minds at times is uncanny and persistent
The pen in my palm sets fire to the storms of passed hurts
Loves which were never meant to work
My pros rebuke you
Although I thank you for the rain on my sunshine
So this time I have learned to appreciate rainbows
To differentiate from all that glows to fools Gold
Pen I thank you
I love you
I respect your intellect
Poetess of celestial dialect