Img_20131029_152620by Nicole DeHaven Vessells12 Dec 2013

Walking thru streets paved with debris and shit... I find myself wallowing in a cataclysmic oblivion ...motioning thru time... Give me some space... Quiet is kept I have the biggest heart..but HEART never put food on my table..In my journeys I run into those less fortunate than me ...Needing more money more money ,GREEDY.."do you have any spare change" has turned into give me three dollars and the "can you feed me" has turned into "I don't eat meat when offered a sandwich instead of a starter account for their addiction ..POVERTY stricken yet hungry enough to hustle or run game .. They're not all the same..JUST WATCH THEM
I don't knock them just not in the mood to be used
Ear buds tightly fused to my drum so that just for the train ride distance I can ignore the existence of human persistence.. Please don't tap me for the time..or no particular reason when I am reading and creating what I do...
POVERTY I see you
Lined in card board boxes over subway crates keeping warm .. Exposed to elements .. How can this be??
I ask myself is it wrong for me to pray bi weekly that my pay sustain my roof...
POVERTY I'm afraid of you to tell the truth.. Your devilish intent has made too many a liar...educated suppliers of knowledge four plus years of college is repaid by minimum wage employment.. Young soldiers enlisted for unnecessary wars enjoyment gets afforded amputation or final destination 6 ft deep.. Fighting battles that were never theirs to begin with.. My opinion of this factual bullshit.. So POVERTY f*ck you..no housing for the houseless although households continue to grow.. Medicare deprived from the same ones who worked life longs to pave ways to when in old age get slapped in the face with a budget that will never cut it.. Federally reserved our money is at a standstill.. Generated monetarily which will never be for our gain ..the giveth and taketh away.. In God we trust displayed on currency although actions are unholy to say the least. POVERTY like a cancer on our successors raging it's ugly head like a beast. I pray day by day this world will really adhere to WORLD PEACE..
This isn't a gimmick nor speech
Just some poetic release

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