Can't put my finger on it!!!

Img_20131029_152620by Nicole DeHaven Vessells05 Jan 2014

Hard to explain the need , yearning for the piece of you only God can see..You were cleary picked ripe for me ... Allow me to savior your sweetness .. Unique at times blowing my mind you stand tall.. Never big headed
Acceptance of my person flaws and all you teach me right way perfection..Never subjecting me/we to harmful ways of mixed emotion..
My potion # 9 damn you fine in every way I never realized I could see life times with... Truly splendid heaven gifted
I allow myself to be deserving ... self serving just this one time however I will NEVER share what you have in me. Can't put my finger on how me became we suddenly, organically.. we mesh grey matter over flesh.. I rest and your eyes become my suggestion for the next sunrise.. But still
I can't put my finger on it
I will take this happiness as God's smile

~DeHaven Vessells