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A House Divided

8012051o5k3by Annie Lander29 Aug 2020

Here I am in a house divided
It might be not democratic or republican
But without good leaders, means no hope
No, windows, no doors
how can we escape from this place?

I would love to see the world again
Instead of visualizing about foreign lands:
Walking their white sandy beaches
Flip-flops swaying in ones hands,
We must never take life for granted again,

Living, in a country,
that make us feel ashamed(so unwelcomed)
Lest said soonest mended!
Here I am in a house divided
better the devil I know
than the devil I don't know:

The whistling sound of the night wind
Throughout this edgy city
I can hear the squeaking sound of a mouse
Rat! Once fought the dogs,
and killed the cats in hamlet town

Days will turned into weeks and weeks into months
and months into years,
the same old speech
from both parties,
no futuristic, plans for the low renters

Today, many of us have lost the will to live..
I can feel the bond weakening
Freedom must come soon.

**Nelson Mandela quotes: 'Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people'**