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This poem will help you to feel motivated. You'll feel as if you can achieve your goals when you read it.


10469665_10202977130167048_7182271910298202381_nby Denise Salmon15 May 2015

I won't say I'm upset
And start talking about regret
When I can do something new
And find a way to make it through

I can start climbing that hill
And decide that I won't stop until
I make it to the top somehow
I won't give up now

My hope is still here
And I don't need fear
So I will be just fine
The love I know is divine

So I have no need for stress
When I can easily find happiness
I have no need for fame
I know life is not a game

I'll keep moving on
As I can still see the sun
The stars still shines for me
I'm will always be free