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Being sick Christmas for the first time in many years bought back this bittersweet memory ....

Baby's First Christmas

Denise_120212by Denise Weaver Ross25 Dec 2013

Christmas Eve, your third day in the ER
waiting for a room to become available
in a hospital as overcrowded as Bethlehem,
I remember coming home with our first-born
son, just nine-months old, to a dark house,
sparkling tree, wrapped presents, rocking
the baby to sleep and singing carols
of the miracle of birth, death, rebirth,

The next day we visited you like the magi,
our small son heading the possession
of relatives and friends, your bed soon
loaded with gifts nestled among drifts
of blankets, tubing strung like tinsel,
the monitors, with blinking lights, hums,
chimes, crying out like the heavenly host.