Open Up Just To Fall Apart

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin03 Sep 2013

Open up just to fall apart,
Close the eyes, just to hear them sing.
Pray to god, for a good day.
Pray to stay, for another day.
Lose the time,
Keep the pace.
Take notes, and remember.
Write them down,
Don’t lose count.
One, two, three,
Who’s paying attention?
Keep paying attention.
Focus to the front,
The procession.
Follow the leader,
Or take lead.
Open your mouth,
Or keep it shut,
Take one chance
And believe them.
Do they believe it?
Can they really,
Take the shot,
Or will they be shot
Shut down, left behind?
Buried underneath the dirt.
Hidden from the eyes of man,
Taken to, but not taken from
The future knocks,
But who is knocking?
Pulse pounding,
Lost control.
Lost count.
Preacher’s swearing
Up and down,
Promising redemption.
Dealer’s swearing
Up and down,
Promising release of tension.
Bartender’s swearing
Up and down,
Promising relaxation.
Take the drink,
Smoke the joint,
Read the bible.
Three different people,
All looking for the same thing.
Wake up, put on a little make up.
Take a shower,
Get wasted for an hour.
Fuck her, fucked him,
He puts his pants back on.
Rushes to class,
But not before he smokes a joint.
Opened his mouth,
Opened his lungs,
Opened his mind.
Didn’t speak up,
Kept it shut.
She shut herself,
Broke herself.
Lost yourself.
Find yourself.